In the midst of uncertainty and change, what becomes clear is that the need for courage and kindness will never change. Even though we can’t control the outcome, we’re still showing up and moving forward and hope it’ll inspire you to do the same. This is our chance to swap the filters and tired lingo for real-life inspiration and real ways to connect, and use our hearts to make the world a more connected and compassionate home for all of us.


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We believe every chapter of your story has prepared you for what lies ahead.

Life is both brutal and beautiful, and we believe you can be both humble and courageous, which is why every piece is created to be as fashionable and versatile as you are, without sacrificing fit, function or fashion.

Designed to keep you moving in whatever way feels right to you, because when you live a life true to yourself there are no boundaries or limits. The world needs you just as you are. Here’s your reminder to choose courage and keep moving.


The path to purpose becomes clear only by following our hearts.

When we’re humble enough to share our truth, we free others to do the same.

Confidence is gained when we face our fears – it’s where strength is found to live a life true to ourselves.

Cordevie represents the courage to share our truth; the freedom it grants us; the action it inspires; and the impact it makes. 

Whether it’s on your hat, mat or shirt, we hope our heart inspires you to wear and share your own.  

No one gets to write your story but you.

Your heart is shaped by your story: the brutal and beautiful, because every one of us living courageously has and will experience both. We’re a movement inspired by getting active and taking action. What moves you to your Cor?

For every product purchased through our Wear Your Heart™, Choose Your Cause initiative, Cordevie™ donates to the charity your item represents.


to find out how we’re supporting charities, how to nominate a cause close to your heart and how we can share your story.

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